Birmingham Area Lumibrite™ Services

Lumibrite™ is a new light-accelerated teeth whitening procedure comprising of a uniquely formulated water-based bleaching gel and a custom blue lamp used to excite special compounds in the gel to accelerate and strengthen the teeth whitening process. Visits can be significantly reduced, as with bleaching time and cost.

Alternatives to Lumibrite™ are available, but Dr. Michael Maniscalco is expertly trained to use the Lumibrite™ system to its maximum potential, delivering quality results every time, all the time. Dr. Michael Maniscalco is experienced with Lumibrite™, ensuring comfort, and consequently letting the public know Maniscalco Cosmetic Dentistry is the best clinic for Lumibrite™ services in the Birmingham area.

Light Accelerated Whitening

teeth whiteningThe activation of the bleaching agent by light occurs in a process known as photochemistry. Photochemistry is the excitation of a molecule into a higher energy state by the absorption of electromagnetic radiation. Light is a type of electromagnetic radiation, made up of both particles (photons) and waves of photons, with photosynthesis of plants being the premier example (solar energy is used to convert carbon dioxide and water into glucose, with oxygen as a by-product). No more than one molecule is ‘activated’ for each photon absorbed.

The polymerization (formation of three-dimensional molecules) of teeth whitening gels is achieved by the decomposition of photoinitiators, which produce free radicals (atoms with positive, negative or zero charges) for radical polymerization (construction of the whitening agent by successive addition of free radical building blocks).

How is Lumibrite™ Different?

Lumibrite™ offers better and faster results than other light teeth whitening systems. The patented compound used in the carbamide peroxide gel is activated by custom built LED lamps, which pulse a cold blue light at specifically attenuated frequencies, targeting the activating agents in the gel. This results in faster procedures – as quick as 20 minutes – and whitening of up to 4-8 shades lighter.

What Makes Lumibrite™ Different?

Most dentists and teeth whitening procedures use carbamide peroxide as the bleaching agent. Lumibrite™’s whitening gel has a 16% hydrogen peroxide concentration, and contains compounds formulated to respond to the LED lamp frequencies.

The LED lamp itself is designed specifically for use with the Lumibrite™ gel. The wavelength, power, and intensity of the blue light are set so that the only method of optimizing the gel is with this light.

Why Is Lumibrite™ Better Than Over the Counter/Conventional Teeth Whitening?

Unlike the competitors, Lumibrite™ uses teeth whitening16% concentrated hydrogen peroxide water based solution with special activating polymers that are engaged with a specifically tuned blue lamp. Most OTC and take home teeth whitening use carbamide peroxide which breaks down into a weaker concentrate of hydrogen peroxide, the agent that actually does the whitening through oxidation. Overnight trays and daily strips usually require more than a day to achieve lightening. Lumibrite™ offers dental-grade strength whitening in a fraction of the time – usually 20 minutes or less – all done within a couple of visits.

Can I Be Treated Using Lumibrite™ Technology?

Most cosmetic and extrinsic discolorations are treatable with Lumibrite™. One of the key benefits of Lumibrite™ is the time it takes for the effect it creates. Patients who are seeking extensive treatment of exterior staining generally are qualified for Lumibrite™ treatment, and most intrinsic discoloration can be treated (after the internal work has been done, if the intrinisic discoloration is severe). Simply put, Lumibrite™ is a cosmetic-oriented procedure, and should be considered accordingly.

How Much Does Lumibrite™ Cost?

A single 20 minutes session of Lumibrite™ costs $99, while a double 40 minute session costs $179. Double treatment is recommended for maximum results, although a single session can considerably improve the shade by several factors.

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