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Maniscalco Cosmetic Dentistry is committed to providing patients the best teeth whitening experience service possible. Dr. Michael Maniscalco and his trained staff of dental professionals will assist you with meeting your teeth whitening goals and address any questions and concerns you might have. Our clinic offers the best tooth whitening services including Lumibrite™, along with other dental hygiene services in the Birmingham area.

Teeth Whitening Information

A clean smile is important in creating positive impressions and boosting self-esteem. Conversely, stained teeth can ruin a smile, casting doubt on one’s appearance with negative psychological consequences.

Discoloration of teeth may be caused by varying factors, from outside elements such as food, tobacco and beverages or internal causes such as worn dental procedure materials, disease and decay. Maniscalco Cosmetic Dentistry is more than willing to answer questions, and provide information to educate our patients about discoloration and teeth whitening. Dr. Michael Maniscalco is capable of performing a full range of teeth whitening services, many of them described in this section, and employs Lumibrite™ teeth whitening technology to deliver premium results. Learn about how Maniscalco Cosmetic Dentistry can help with teeth whitening by starting with some basic information on discoloration, teeth whitening, and Lumibrite™ light-accelerated teeth whitening.

Smile Gallery

Seeing is believing when it comes to teeth. Cosmetics are the primary reason patients seek teeth whitening procedures. Our level of experience is visually evident with the work that we do, and are more than proud to share our results with current and prospective patients. Take a look at our photo gallery of before and after smiles to see for yourself the work we can do for you.


Dr. Michael Maniscalco and the staff at Maniscalco Cosmetic Dentistry take pride in knowing our services are the best in the Birmingham and Vestavia Hills areas, and work tirelessly to gain the trust of our community and patients. We believe our results should determine whether or not you choose us, and recognize our patients’ testimonials are the best way to spread the word about the quality of our services. Read our patients’ statements and see for yourself why Maniscalco Cosmetic Dentistry should be your trusted choice for teeth whitening.

Financing and Payment Options

From appointments to materials, Dr. Michael Maniscalco and his compassionate staff at Maniscalco Cosmetic Dentistry will work with you to make sure your in-office teeth whitening goals will not be a financial burden, and assure you that your dental health shouldn’t, and won’t be determined by the cost. Learn more about our payment plans and how we can help you get that smile and comfort you’ve always wanted.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Dental procedures, like any other medical procedure, are complex exercises in care and skill. Patients often ask questions specific to their own case or goals, and while Maniscalco Cosmetic Dentistry and Dr. Michael Maniscalco are here to answer any, a general body of knowledge should be understood concerning teeth whitening and Lumibrite™. Our FAQ covers the most common questions a patient might have before they seek professional teeth whitening services.

About Us

Dr. Michael Maniscalco and his staff at Maniscalco Cosmetic Dentistry continue a tradition of exceptional and comprehensive dental care that is in their family. Serving patients throughout the Birmingham and Vestavia Hills areas, our dentists are committed to attentive care and efficient treatment for patients of all ages. Read more about Dr. Michael Maniscalco and what Maniscalco Cosmetic Dentistry is all about.

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Review our office hours, location, contact information to find out how Dr. Michael Maniscalco and his staff can field any questions you might have about your teeth whitening procedure. Maniscalco Cosmetic Dentistry is ready to help you with your discoloration and whitening concerns. Assure yourself the best service possible in the Birmingham area by calling and scheduling a consultation today.